What Inspires Us

We are a small business located in Western Australia and, as you can guess, we are passionate about Moroccan design. For centuries Morocco has been absorbing art and architectural influences not only from traders in Africa and the Arab world, but also from European invaders and Moorish exiles.

We are fascinated by the artistic result of the intermixing of cultures on Moroccan design and the stunning beauty that decorates Moroccan walls, floors, doors, and gates.

This is the Moorish inspired Blue Gate of Fez. It sits at the western entrance to that historic city.

Here are some examples of gorgeously colored ceramic tiles called Zellige, engraved with intricate geometric patterns and elaborate floral motifs. They are speaking to us through the centuries.

Our Mission

We created Moroccan Gate to share our appreciation for Moroccan art and architectural design and to open a gateway to Moroccan inspired products for customers online. We love finding items both beautiful and practical to enhance all home décor and personal fashion.

And we are committed to sourcing the best quality products at the most affordable prices. Enjoy browsing our range of home, fashion, and beauty items.